Please read through the below carefully so you know what our team is looking for in vendors.


We’re a market specializing in a unique collective of local brands, emerging shops and handmade artisans.

How do you promote your markets?

If there's one thing we know how to do, it’s marketing. With over 10 years of marketing experience in online marketing, social media marketing and branding- we’ve got this covered.

We utilizes our budget strategically in the areas with most impact. These include:

  • Facebook ads specifically targeting women 20-45 in the lower mainland. This drives ticket sales and RSVP’s

  • Influencers are becoming a big part of our marketing plan. We work closely with them to promote our market.

  • Instagram advertising

  • Online event calendars

We invest in the best types of content that have the highest chances of going viral. This includes professional photography at the event, detail shots throughout the market that we utilize in our ads.

Due to the fact that most of our marketing is digital content, we are able to track and manage our ads to make sure they are working as hard as we are!

Why do handmade and local shops choose your markets?

  • The instantaneous feedback that vendors receive when selling in person is unbeatable.

  • New companies take advantage of the in person connection and are able to receive great comments on their new product lines.

  • We have a very selective jury process and limit the amount of vendors in each category.

  • Local shops attend our markets and it is great exposure for our vendors.

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We look for a variety of high quality vendors who are active in the handmade community, and on social media. This means vendors who have interesting, eye catching images and professional looking products.

We also look for:

• Product quality
• Unique products
• Booth display photos
• Online presence in the following categories:
           •  e-Commerce presence in either an online store, Etsy or promotional website 
           •  Facebook following, growth and activity 
           •  Instagram following, growth and activity  

What type of vendors can apply?

We accept the below vendors:

  • High quality craft and handmade items

  • Vintage or Antiques

  • Up-cycled salvage

  • Original Art

  • Food and Clothing Trucks

We do not accept the below:

  • Direct Sales

  • Multi Level Marketing

  • Wholesalers

  • National Franchises


We don’t have an official office space but both Caitlyn and Jessica are located in Port Moody, BC